Robbert is a nice Puerto Rican that is kinda a flirt but only really likes one girl. Everyone called him either gay or annoying. But he don’t Give af.
Robbert is such a nice guy
by Stillu Virgin February 16, 2020
The gayest of all the robs, hit my mans up at (850)-716-6325 he is open to all relationships except heterosexual ones. Don’t forget he isn’t open after 9pm, that is his bedtime.
Some guys come cheap but Robbert comes cheaper at only $19.99.
by Secretmarmot009 December 10, 2019
A nice middle-aged guy who loves to cook, and chat with girls half his age (but only because they're so cute and funny).
Hey look, it's Robbert, isn't he sweet-looking with those bright blue eyes?
by K-2-tha-irsje December 3, 2008
A nice ánd hot guy who is kind of a flirt. He is always sweet. He has some hidden talents. Most likely to be a professional fool.
A sweet and hot guy, that's who is Robbert.
by youcantknowmynameduh June 29, 2020
The infamous "I need to raise millions of dollars within a few weeks or God will smite me" Bible-thumpin' chiseler who **robbed** his congregation and followers blind.
I hear that a lot of preachers are now shamelessly using "fire 'n' brimstone" sermons filled with threats of "hell and damnation" in an attempt to pressure/blackmail their parishioners into making donations to their churches --- sounds like a lot of Oral Robberts copycats to me!
by QuacksO July 25, 2018
He's a cat, named... Robbert! And people go, to the uh, to the store, to BUY things, and see Robbert cat. Because Robbert cat is the best cat. And all of the kittens born from Robbert cat are also named ROBBERT!
Oh my got the store has Robbert cat for sale.
by bacongames462 September 19, 2019