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A RoW^1, can often be found lurking around in many places such as:

1) Veli's ass.
2) A Silk Shop.
3) de_dust.
4) In Turkey where he belongs.

He is often of the misguided belief that CS:S is in any way good.
He has also "No lifed" BF2142, to the point where any normal person would realise how bad the game is.
Inimicus: "Oh shit, there's that RoW^1 kid, he's probably bumming CS:S".
Imba: "Shit yeah we best stay away from he, I'll take him off the Imbahax v.4.0 list"
Sway: "Flllebbbblsljd, giVe,,,,my m0re VOSKA!!!?!?!?"
by Inimicus April 05, 2007
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