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Citiots are a group of idoits who go to small towns and or camping for the reason of entertainment. They often stand around kissing on the sidewalk blocking the door to the post office or god knows what. They act as if there is nothing else in the world but them, they are in there enviroment but rarely really interact with it. They mostly after lighting are the second most couse of forrest fires.

The worse thing Citiots can do are build a resort in a small mountain town. This can destroy the economy for the town and lead to business and people leaving the once small town of less then 3,000 people.

It put stress on the few public services that the small town people have like. Water Treatment, The Garbage Dump and Schools.

This Example is taken from a first hand account of what happen in Rosyln, WA home of The Brick, A TV show that in my regaurds is not worth commenting on.
by Inimicus April 18, 2007

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A RoW^1, can often be found lurking around in many places such as:

1) Veli's ass.
2) A Silk Shop.
3) de_dust.
4) In Turkey where he belongs.

He is often of the misguided belief that CS:S is in any way good.
He has also "No lifed" BF2142, to the point where any normal person would realise how bad the game is.
Inimicus: "Oh shit, there's that RoW^1 kid, he's probably bumming CS:S".
Imba: "Shit yeah we best stay away from he, I'll take him off the Imbahax v.4.0 list"
Sway: "Flllebbbblsljd, giVe,,,,my m0re VOSKA!!!?!?!?"
by Inimicus April 05, 2007

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