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River Grove is located right next o elmwood park, and is a much cooler suburb. The elementary school is where all the cool cats hang out and skate. Sure it has its pot heads, but not nearly as much as Elmwood. Most of the people here hang out with each other and are pretty friendly. Their slogan is "River Grove, The Friendly Neighborhood" They have some really cool people that you would love to get to know. River Grove is a beast ass town bro. So get off the computer and get over there now!
Jack; Woah that was a pretty cool and friendly place, what town was it? I'm gonna move there!

Jessie; That was the wonderful River Grove!
by lanterlover June 27, 2012
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RiverGrove Is A School Located In LakeOswego Oregon Which Is Very Poor And Basically The Joke Of The Town. A Child Who Attends RiverGrove Is Called A Grover And Grovers Normally Spend There Time Bmxing, Stealing Monsters And Destroying Private Property.
Did you go to rivergrove? Ahh, your such a grover
by TheKing111 April 25, 2011
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