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A variable to the name Rene which means reborn or renewal. French origin.Originally a male name that has crossed over into female form.
by Rinu December 10, 2007
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rinu is the name given to a girl's ultimate dream man. Many men attempt to be a rinu but very few succeed.
all women are invariably drawn to rinu type men.
the only guy rini would ever want is rinu.
by rinster April 02, 2007
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Rinu is a name given to a girl.Rinu is unique. She is not like your average girl. She is genuine in everything she does.She is a strong independent girl who can get herself through anything she sets her mind to.She is hilarious!Her smile can light up a whole room filled with darkness. And her laugh is contagious and cute. Sometimes she has a dry sense of humor, and other times she just knows how to make people laugh 🤣She is always happy and cheerful. She tends to be random at times...really random. But she knows when to be serious. Rinu has a very bubbly personality that makes anyone comfortable talking with her,she sometimes tends to go overboard with the talking though (especially while watching a movie). She is very smart(sometimes borderline geeky😂). She is spectacular with numbers. Rinu can be a little sarcastic at times. She also has a tendency to procrastinate from time to time. But she still manages to get everything done.She never says "No" to anything. She is always outgoing and adventurous. She is a night person, she absolutley loves staying up all night She loves her family soo much and loves spending time with them.
Hey Gurl u need to be more like Rinu.
by Cochingang February 26, 2019
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Its a name usually given to a girl .She is very beautiful and sexy but she never sees herself that way.Guys like to often flirt with her but she doesn't take that to heart. She has a wild side to her but expresses it only to her close friends. She is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is loved by lots of people.She is all together an amazing person who everyone is grateful to have in their lives.
Hey Girl you are soo unique, you must be a Rinu?
by Cochingang February 26, 2019
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Rinus is someone really awesome! He is always sweet and friendly. Rinus can be also used as a rare bird, called beugelvogel. He uses often the words : Gay and Piemels.

Rinus is also used in some parts of Holland as a term describing guido and/or corky and someone who has a girlfriend called Ramona!
Girl1: Look at him,he is being such a Rinus!
Girl 2: Yeah he is 8.
by sjonnieenanita June 04, 2012
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