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A family name of German descent (spelled phonetically) that people always spell wrong.
someone: what's your last name?
me: Rinehart
someone: spelled R-e-i-n-h-e-a-r-d-t?
me: No, R-i-n-e-h-a-r-t
by s.rinehart September 15, 2008
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1) Person with this last name is a bitch/asshole
2) Cares only for themselves
3) Doesn't have any self decency and/or morals
4) If it's a girl, she's a slut
5) Is cheap and doesn't care for showing off his/her naked body to anyone

6) Enjoys leading people on and fucking around
7) Doesn't have any respect for other men/women.
8) Is a whore/douchebag.
A) "What is that dirty whore's last name?"

B) "Rinehart"

A) "What a fucking slut!!"
by aefhsoerg April 18, 2010
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