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An Arabic noun that means a tree with a sweet scent. She is the kidest, sweetest and most lovable human ever! She loves helping out people and spreading kindness like confetti! She is smart, funny and super down to earth. Everybody loves her because she never lets anyone down and she commits to the promises she has made. She is gorgeous, super cute and a literal angel that is sent to planet Earth to make it better!
“Wow! She is super pretty! That must be Rinad.”
by RAAMSW March 09, 2019
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Rinad is a really menatlly broken and she always tries to find real friends but always fails to but in some time she can be positive and she can make anyones day better with her sweet words
"Rinad told me today that i look amzing and i am happy now "
by The smol potato May 23, 2018
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