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A small ginger troll like creature, normally of the german origin.
habitat: small white caves in the english countryside
eating habits : moth balls, gravy,dried seeds and nuts, hyena testicles smeared with mustard blood.

A riglar is a very dosile creature, but if disturbed can become very aggressive.
you can identify one by its bulbus rectum and potent bin juice smell.
To mark his/her territory it rubs the glands under his prostate against walls or trees, it does not like it when bark gets stuck, a loud wailing can be heard from a range of 10 miles!
can you smell that??

- yes it smells like bin juice!

- oh! a riglar must be nearby!!

2. is that riglar prostate on that tree?

- lets not sit here.
by Jerkofftwice December 26, 2009
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