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Right Wing Slut – An individual who will purposely and automatically sacrifice any and all attempts to concede any element of integrity, truthfulness, fairness or deserved credibility when concerning all political opposition for the lustful, marginalized satisfaction of garnering or sustaining political linkages to the conservative Right.
The eager conservative quickly morphed into a Right Wing Slut, as they laid down with and for any position that was anti-liberal.
by Bryian R. May 28, 2011
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A conservative voter who runs from one new right-wing political group to another, loudly embracing even the most ridiculous of them.

After the Republican losses of 2006 and 2008 many splinter conservative groups arose -- Club for Growth, TEA Party, 9/12/, Freedom Works, BEAR Revolution, etc -- to rally dispirited Republican and conservative voters. Many of these groups have a single-issue viewpoint and corporate backing keeps them viable. Disenchanted and uninformed voters are reeled-in and then do the noisy publicity work for the organization.
"My Dad keeps sending me emails about new political groups he thinks are going to save the country. I thought Limbaugh and TEA party were bad, but now he's onto BEAR Revolution. What a right-wing slut."
by Yo' Momma, too December 14, 2009
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