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The right spelling of "Riftdrawl". The feeling millions of people get when not being able to play the game Rift.
Random Says: Chad lets go! Rift is not gonna be up for two more days.

Chad Says: NO! What if they put the servers up early?!

Random Says: Your going through Riftdrawls man! Snap out of it!

Joe Says: No you idiot... It's Riftdrawals... Learn to spell!
by RiftFan February 01, 2011
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The feeling one gets when unable to play Rift. A mix of Rift and Withdrawal.
Trion better bring up the Rift servers soon, I'm going through Riftdrawal!
by Copeeland January 30, 2011
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Some stupid fucking term nerdy ass faggots came up with when their Open Beta game was down for 3 days. They sucked eachothers dicks until it re-opened.
Gayguy1: hey man, im going through some serious RIFTDRAWALS HA HA what should i do?
Gayguy2: We should suck eachothers cocks!
Gayguy1: OK!!!!!!
by awesomenigga666 February 22, 2011
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