Pronounced "Riff-idge".

Normally refers to a guitar scale/melody, but can be applied to more than just guitar.
Usually one riff, followed by another in rapid succession.

Said riffs must be awesome. If they are lame and put together, you cannot achieve riffage simply because riffage sounds badass, both in context and literally.

A series of awesome riffs put together to achieve maximum badassery for a song.
Me: "Dude, check out this riffage."
Person: "Holy Shit dude, that's some serious riffage."


Person: "This isn't riffage, man. Riffage sounds awesome, this sounds like poo."
Me: :2
by MaestroMichael May 22, 2010
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the act or plural form of "riff".
-The riffage on this CD is amazing!

-When we unleash our riffage at the concert - people will be in awe!
by Corscorpii June 10, 2006
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dzn dzn dzn, dziga, dziga, dziga, brn, mrn et cetera, ostinato, hemiola, staccato, whatever du(mb)de

i like to create non- (o) -sensual diction eerie
Meshuggah, Ion Dissonance, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and many other spacial music worms in the hole deserve to be cranked up to maximal volume, as it then yields minimalistic earaches to our well-known field of energy and our set of information, which in a symbiotic relationship a certificate creature crapture kreau. Thus, the mighty chugging riffage entered this time and space and it is still alive and kicking good-arses.
by rad2an night more May 12, 2011
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The act of creating ear pounding melodic boners for all the hear from the use of the guitar.
Damn! that riffage sure makes my clam salty!

Bro Montana have you heard the new riffage on the not Nickleback jam!
by pewpewandmetal25 November 11, 2019
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