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Napier's best halls located beside the job centre so when we come out of uni with our pointless degrees, we can head straight over.

More commonly known as 'Riego Scheme' you can smell the stench of chlamydia and sexual tension from as far away as Sighthill, some say you can even see it lingering in the air as you enter the courtyard.
Before a night out, which in Riego is every night, you can often see people congregated in several flats for "prinks" which consist of Sainsbury's own vodka, buckfast or strongbow, with either their jaw swinging or drinking from a pot of several types of alcoholic beverage.
After a night out you can see them returning with their pull from Hive or whatever classy establishment they have visited that night, this is if they aren't shagging their flatmate or someone living in Riego.
Around 50% of Riego's population are sexually starved while the other half are frustrated and hump everything with a pulse.
A rare sight in Riego is a student sitting at their desk studying for their degree they worked so hard to get in to.
The students take cold showers as the hot water usually is not working and sleep in the smallest single beds you have ever seen, which are usually occupied by two, sometimes three people. The sofa's are made of a lego-like material resulting in a severe case of neck cramp should someone dose off/pass out on one.

Riego street is where dreams come true, the whole street become family and the party never stops.
Person 1: Where are you prinking tonight?
Person 2: Riego street obvs
by Riego loyal January 05, 2014
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