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A rieder isnt a man, hes the man, he likes he's HJ's he loves hes Bj's and is one for Rj's. It will often stick hes dick in just about any thing from, but not limited too, a jar of peanut butter, a rusty can(when intoxi-a-fied),and Dark moist places(such as the turtle cave). He enjoys moon lit walks on the beach(to the X-treme), balloons, banana costumes(suits), and squirel shaped bowls. He is not one to whip out his dick unless convinced by the voices of hes gay 1/2 jewish friend. his one fear is black ice-cream cones, and talking tree's. A rieder is the kinda ya cant find, he finds u, hes the monseter in your closet the beast under ur bed the mother fucker inside ur head and can some somtimes be a dinna sour..Rawr..stegasourus bitch
She puts the lotion in the basic or she gets the hose.."Rieder"... mentos...pornhub....goldfish
by Grassmaster April 21, 2010
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Rieder is a big faggot who is really annoying.
Guy 1: Hey, who I'd that really annoying kid?

Guy 2: That's Rieder
by He b wvxinfvwyzi142748 February 04, 2019
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