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A town in South Western Queens,but a small portion runs into Brooklyn. Ridgewood is generally a safe neighborhood,though areas on the Bushwick border and industrial areas on the western side best are avoided at night,or when alone. The 104th Precinct(including most of Ridgewood,plus Glendale,Middle Village and Maspeth) reported:

-0 Murders(2 in 2003)
-18 Rapes(9 in 2003)
-197 Robberies(281 in 2003)
-118 Felonious Assaults(108 in 2003)
-450 Burglaries(461 in 2003)
I love to be in Ridgewood,NY.It so hood for a town in Queens.
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
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Less then 25 minuits from Manhattan, Ridgewood is a wroking-class town in Queens,New York(a small portion dips into Brooklyn).Ridgewood has tons of stores and alot of the kids that live there are highly active and cool.To the north is Bushwick,south is East New York,west is Williamsburg and east is Glendale. Ridgewood has people from all races,mostly being Black,Hispanic,Polish and Indian. Transportation is great(busses,trains,taxi stations and yellow cabs),but parking in Ridgewood is absulutley murder.
Ridgewood is a nice place to live in.
by playaz only August 23, 2005
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A town in Queens,New York that's very close to Brooklyn.To the North of Ridgewood,is Buswick-Americas worst neighborhood.To the East,there's Glendale and East New York,to the South is Maspeth and to the west is Bedford-Stuyyvesant(AKA Bedsti).Ridgewood contains people of all races,mosly being Black,Hispanic,Indian and Polish.
Yo,i'm from Ridgewood,NY foo,where you from?
by Da Hood Balla July 10, 2005
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