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the act of snatching a turd from your pants and attempting to quickly and surrepticiously throw it into the coat closet only to have it bounce off the back of the closet wall and ricochet into the classroom
Q: "Is that a Hershey's kiss under Kathy Fitzsimmons desk?"

A: "Nah dude, that's my dung. I tried to whip it into the closet but there was a ricoshit"
by MarcusC333 October 29, 2008
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Ricochet occuring while on the toilet seat delivering a number 2.
#1 Ricoshit is the number one cause of toilet paper overuse as it increases the wiping area.

#2 Some people like to ricoshit as they find it's an alternative to a bidet.
by SamK September 25, 2008
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