The genetic fusion between smash player and internet personality Rickles and the character from the Mario universe; Wario.
by YaBoiChips October 11, 2022
Another way of saying "ripperoni"
- Moe's Tavern, Moe speaking
- Yeah, can I talk to Rick Peroni please?
- Hey everyone, I've ripperoni here!
- You sure do, Moe!
by Shadiac December 8, 2022
On July 28th We celeabrate the day Rick Astly Never Gonna Give You Hit 1 Billion Views and funny enough it hit it around 4:20pm EST go send your best rick rolls on this day.
We shall celeabrate Rick Roll Day as the hit song reached 1 billion view on this day.
by Sergeant Frank Woods July 29, 2021
On Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 a video called "Rick Roll" By Rick Astley reached 1 BILLION views! To celebrate/honor this incredible feat everyone must rick roll each other on July the 28th.
Its July 28th, Rick Roll Day! Time to rick roll someone.
by bab the epicest July 29, 2021
The greatest member to grace the server All Out Rock. Has not been the same since his absence. LONG LIVE THE HOUSE OF CARDS MADAFAKAS!!!
Mexican Rick should have been owner
by TheRealMexicanRick May 9, 2022