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Founder of the Free Software Foundation and one of the most popular figures in open-source. A complete nutjob of a person.

-Richard Stallman has called Bill Gates evil for asking users to stop pirating his software (a version of BASIC)

-Richard Stallman has accused the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of ruining many third-world countries

-Richard Stallman says that proprietary software is outright evil

-Richard Stallman is obsessed with the phrase "GNU Slash Linux" and will correct anyone who calls it just "Linux" to no end. He's also been known to refuse speaking requests to those that don't use "proper" terminology.

-Richard Stallman, in his new GPLv3, won't let any GPL'ed software be used on hardware that implements DRM, hurting relations with hardware vendors.
"Protesting against proprietary software in April 2006, Richard Stallman held a 'Don't buy from ATI, enemy of your freedom' placard at a speech by an ATI representative in the building where Stallman works, resulting in the police being called"
You can't make this stuff up
by r3negade July 21, 2008
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