A slang term for "Rhodesian"

In Zimbabwe this term is used by Zimbos to refer to old white citizens who prefer Ian Smith's government
Those old expats are Rhodies through-and-through
by Dstroyer101 April 29, 2019
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Rhodie, someone who loves to dance, is always willing to help others and loves his friends. His girlfriends are usually taller than him, as a Rhodie is usually a bit short. He will have a darker tone of skin and loves his mates. He loves his girlfriend and always treats them with respect unless they annoy him or aggravate him to the extent where he cant handle it. usually very very sexy and has a great body.
girl: oh hey, look its rhodie
girls friend: omg hes soo sexy, i wanna fuck him so bad
girl: omg yes, his cock would be so hard
girls friend: hes so cute and loving too
girl: yes, yes he is
by fuckingbeast January 30, 2012
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When you’ve visited Ms Rhodie’s house and accidentally ended up 100% twated due to obscenely large measures of alcohol (which come thick and fast!) Of course this has happened completely against your will. Leads to regret. Do not recommend.

(Do it!)
I ended up pure Rhodied again last night! Fuck sake, you’d think I’d learn 🤦 ♀️

Also, I was totally rail rhodied, again!!
by Gundagin May 21, 2021
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Gay as fuck pp smaller than mine and that’s saying sum and kinda a real nigga
by Hehhehdhd September 17, 2019
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One who is born or comes from Rhode Island of the US, not normally heard outside of the state.
"Those Farrelly Bro.s are a coupla Rhodies"
by tlingit March 22, 2006
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Nickname for Rhode Island, the greatest and smallest state out there. Everything is wicked awesome, like Del's, clam chowder, clam cakes....clams...
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Lil Rhody dude!!
Person 1: Where's that...
by JAYMEL September 03, 2008
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Rhodi, abreveation of Rhodri. Also spelt Rodi, Roddy, or Rodri. A welsh boys name. Often male but female on occasion. Most Rhodi's are annoying and irritating. If one of 2 or more children Rhodi is often the favoured one and despised by the sibling(s). Rhodi is a funny character and has also been known to be associated with someone who lacks friends.
PERSON 1: I feel sorry for that guy over there
PERSON 2: Why?
PERSON 3: Nobody really likes him, he's a bit Rhodi.
by ItsAMeMario June 09, 2013
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