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Founded in 2007, Rho Eta Delta is a men’s social fraternity committed to building quality men through dedicated work to and in the fraternity, the individual, the campus, the community, and the classroom. Our Greek letters, Rho Eta Delta (PHD), represent our cherished virtues of Pride, Honor, and Dignity. We strive as a group to uphold the values of Leadership, Integrity, Character, Dedication, and Respect. The individuals of Rho Eta Delta are highly involved around campus and are active members of over thirty different student organizations, including Student Senate, athletics, and Berg Events Council. Members of Rho Eta Delta share a deep brotherhood and are connected by the common thread of personal character.

Rho Eta Delta is a private, local Fraternity located on Heidelberg University's campus, and currently has nearly 30 active members. They are supported by their corilary group known as the Rho's Buds, these are woman and sometimes men (who for some reason could not join the actual fraternity) who support the men of Rho Eta Delta by promoting the group on campus, attending events, producing gifts for the other members and generally just being supportive friends.
"He's really involved on campus, and he's also a Rho!"

"The highest GPA Greek Men's Award goes to Rho Eta Delta!"
"The OAC champs have 3 Rho's on the team."
"He's a RHO BEAR!"
by Rho Hoe May 13, 2010
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