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A little shy at first but once you get him to open up, you'll learn that he is the best person to have as a friend. Reymond is genuinely kind and has a very big heart. If you are lucky enough to date a Boy named Reymond you are a lucky person because he is the most loyal and trustworthy soul. To add on to his many great qualities, Reymonds typically are very good looking and athletic.
She's so lucky Reymond asked her to the dance.
by Misses_M July 03, 2017
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A lil boujee asian who dabs for a living. He is found in the East Boujee Side of Melbourne. Almost regularly wears a Ralph Lauren cap. Is the type to get along with black people because he's too litt. Knows how to partay and has too many boujee bitches. Can sing like Bruno Mars and play piano like Mozart.
Bianca: Did you see that short little Reymond last night? He was too boujee!
Roman: Yah that nigga was next level

Stefani: I wish I had more friends like him!
by Abcdefghijklmno May 21, 2017
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