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a made up name given to the beautifulest of ladies that often are sexually ambitious and often refer to themselves as "sexual scientists". She can be selfish and vain and generally has a rack like a mother eff! She tries to be hard core but is truely afraid of love and here to for tries to not fall into it.
Wow, she looks smart...
Thats ReyLynn.
Bet she can put it on a brother like a poptart.
by Shmegsies April 06, 2009
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A VERY RARE NAME a girl who is super pretty and has beautiful eyes and is the funniest person youโ€™ll ever meet .. she has a big bum but Other than that she is very chill and shows no emotions . She usually doesnโ€™t care what anybody says and will always make you laugh
Reylynn doesnโ€™t care about anything you say
by nialey May 10, 2018
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