Head coach of the New York Jets. Also a notorious big mouth who tends only to talk the talk and almost never walks the walk. While he has turned the team around, he still acts like he is the greatest coach who ever lived (when in reality people might give that title to Vince Lombardi, Mike Ditka, or Tom Landry). One can only hope he'll get his act together next season if it comes around (all signs point to probably not).
Guy #1: Man that guy is such a Rex Ryan!

Guy #2: I know, he's always running his damn mouth when he shouldn't.
by The Mighty Quinn 3000 March 31, 2011
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The coach of the professional football team, New York Jets.

He also has an extremely kinky foot fetish, to the point where he and his wife tape their kinky escapades which somehow manage to go viral all over the internet for millions to see.
Mother: "Hey son, what are you watching?"

Son: "Oh nothing mother, it's just that crazy New York football coach, Rex Ryan, licking some woman's feet!"
by classyguy273 December 23, 2010
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The get into your face coach, that no matter what, will tell you his fucking opinion and not give two shits about what you think. He led the New York Jets to the AFC Championship game his first year as head coach and was able to berth some greatness. He takes after his father quite well, who was the defensive coordinator for the 1985 Chicago Bears, who went 15-1 and won the Superbowl.

Also, Rex Ryan is a little chubby, making his opinions much more dominant and understanding. If he was a slim fellow, he'd be given much more shit, but they know not to fuck with this guy.
"Did you see that Rex Ryan interview? Fucking greatness. That guy never dissapoints"
by Tokisaurus January 25, 2010
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when you dress up as your brother and fuck his girlfriend.
Tom- How did you get with your brother's girlfriend melanie?

John- Simple, I pulled The Rex Ryan.
by Dorothy Babson November 25, 2010
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