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A person who goes through the same situation over and over and over again without learning about what they are doing wrong. The word resembles "Revolving door" due to the relation between those types of people and revolving doors.

A band formed in 2005 by brothers Tim Downey Jr., and Tyler Downey. The band originally consisted of Tim Downey Jr., Tyler Downey, and Jaimy Yelvington. Noel Bass soon joined the line-up for most of 2006. The band had a bitter breakup and the brothers began working with Zach Thomasson (Who would later go on to join the brothers in Azmyth). This stint with Thomasson was short lived. The brothers reunited with Jaimy Yelvington once again in 07 but that didn't last long due to differences of opinions. In 2008 all members put their differences aside and performed at the Birthday Bash in Palatka, Florida. This marked the first time since 06 that the original 4 had played together. As of late all 4 original members are good friends and talk to each other regularly. There are hints of a reunion in the works due to Azmyth falling apart and When Stars Fade falling apart. Tim Downey has denied any rumors saying "It is possible but the styles are so different now. I would just want it to sound the way it use to. It isn't on the table because i love what i am doing at the moment, and its all about loving what you are doing."
Revolve endure wrote the song Lingerie, which was about something every guy goes through... finding panties, and then having to dispose of them. They intended on burning them.
by Chris Mcgee January 10, 2009
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