A reviewer who reviews reviews.
Person 1: "My job is a review reviewer".
Person 2: "Wow, that's very confusing".
by Scientific_ September 5, 2017
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Review (ri-'vyü): Noun.
1.) A critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

2.) A retrospective view or survey (as of one's life)

3.) An ego-booster/deflator for aspiring writers on Fan fiction.net and other fan fiction websites; often said ‘writers’ will beg on hands and knees for reviews and stoop to bribery for reviews.
I’ll give you a virtual ten-million dollars in you PLEASE review!
by Invaderk November 8, 2006
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e reviewer
UD (the reviewer) probably knows which accounts belong to whom and perhaps knows that only us thumb up and down each other's definitions based on patterns, certain inputs, outputs and algorithms.

UD (the reviewer) probably wonders what kind of individuals we are when we shows such strong love, patience, desire toward each others in our definitions... Yet, barely talked to each others in person.. : )

The reviewer (assuming it's the same person reviews our definitions every time) wonders when they (we) are going to do something about their (our) love stories. It's been a year and it still keeps on going...

1 year passed.

2022. Another year comes, the reviewer still patiently watches their(our) love stories unfold.
Their (our) love is so forbidden. - reviewer understood, is a little frustrated..

2023.. still keeps on reviewing their (our) stories... Wonder when they (we) are going to meet, disclose feelings to each others and just hold hands or so.. "do something guys, I am reviewing your posts"

2024... The reviewer: " dude... I am giving up on reviewing their stories. This many ups and downs give me uneasy feelings. 2024, is it a happy ending or a never ending story?"

Reviewer looks back to one of the guy's posts.. "It’s true…You never want this to end" => Ah... Eureka! That's why...

I am sincerely sorry UD! : D
The reviewer....
by JVeverMind® December 25, 2021
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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Youtube's favorite show, *clap* MEME REVIEW *clap*.
The place where memes die, each meme reviewed on this show is considered deceased.
Old Meme: I heard that pewdiepie will have me on *clap* Meme Review *clap* tommorow.
Meme community: We always loved you, goodbye friend :(
So sad, can we seize the memes of production?
by MemeEconomist May 24, 2018
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Condescending asshole. Actively misinterprets everything you say.
Stop it Dave, you're acting like an absolute Reviewer 2.
by scholar42 May 18, 2016
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A period that lasts between two weeks and infinity.
Your submission is under review by editors. Bookmark this page to see the results of the review.
by Fred the Wolf May 2, 2006
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