A state-of-being, when, literally, EVERYTHING you touch turns to shit. The more important the thing is, the bigger pile of shit it becomes. There is nothing to be done to reverse this condition except time. Generally doesn't last more than 24 hours. It can also be used to refer to a general trend regarding your state-of-being, not just a single incident. (Like having a bad hair day, this would be a Reverse Midas Touch Day)
You've decided it's time to tell the person you've been dating that you love them. The perfect moment arrives, your faces are close, you smile and say, "I love you so much _______" (insert the name, not of your lover but of your ex - who they know) The look on their face says it all. Your first time sharing your soul with your lover, and it's not just bad, it's total shit. You stammer out an apology, and insert the name of your ex AGAIN, instead of saying their name. A true Reverse Midas Touch Moment. In your attempt to make this moment perfect, your anxiety to do so got the better of you causing you to totally fuck it up. hoisted by your own petard Instead of it being the beautiful moment you wished for, you find yourself going to hell in a hand basket
by WuWu LaFong September 01, 2013
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