A moment in your life when everything seems right. Nothing can get to you.
When your guy holds you in his arms, kisses you on your head, tells you he loves you and holds you again like he'll never let you go.
by Anon January 14, 2005
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When someone needs to get from one side of the T.V. to the other while others are playing. The person waits for that one second when the players stop, and quickly dashes across.
(Madden Example)
*1st down starts*
Person Dashing: Crap, i forgot my phone.
Player 1: *Throws the ball to wide receiver*
Player 2: *Tackles wide receiver*
*2nd down starts*
by Sykness October 5, 2009
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A perfect moment in time is the instant a guy feels himself reach the point-of-no-return and have a c-spot or p-spot pleasure-gasm.
Ahhh ... My dick just felt a perfect moment in time when I blew my load with a dick in my mouth and another up my ass - and yet another sucking my cum-load out of my cock and swallowing it!
by USAF Cadet February 7, 2021
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