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This is to be used when you want to break up with someone, but for whatever reason, you can't ghost them (you feel too guilty, maybe you kinda care, or more likely, just don't want them to think you're a complete ass). If the slow fade doesn't work, and talking to them doesn't either - then another option is Reverse Ghost. You block their number, and then text them saying something like...Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. I guess you're over it. It's okay, I totally understand. No hard feelings and know I'm wishing you the best. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Take care, (your name)

This is awesome! You just got rid of them, and instead of with Ghosting, where you look like a jerk and end up hurting someone's feelings - with the Reverse Ghost, the person's ego isn't bruised, and you end up looking like a really kind, understanding person! (And if you ever get called out on it, you can always just claim total innocence, phone issues, who knows what happened! )
I didn't know how to get this guy out of my life, I already talked to him and it was really uncomfortable, he didn't get it. But I didn't want to Ghost him and make him feel like crap, so I pulled a Reverse Ghost and it worked like a charm!
by Sweet Heartcrusher January 16, 2017
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