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When you receive a call from a telemarketer and you just fuck around with them.
Telemarketer 1: Would you be interested in buying a Shamwow for the low price of $19.99?
You: No speaka the english
Telemarketer 1: would you like me to switch you to a spanish line?
You: No speaka the english
Telemarketer 2: ¿Le gustaría comprar un ShamWow pero solamente 2.000 pesos?
You: What the fuck? Speak english you retard
(hang up)
You: Man that was a great Reverse Prank Call
by Emack44 October 14, 2010
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Verb. The act of flipping the tables on a telemarketer,restricted pone calls or unknown callers just by simply wasting thier time by changing your voice, give false info or anything one would normally in an ordinary prank call. Originated by Sir Chunx in 2004.
TM: Hello we're looking for a Mr. Smith, this is the rd cross calling.
You: This is Tyrone ain't no Mr. Smith here ya dumbass, how about checkin yo damn records.
TM: Alright thank you.
TM cals again
TM: Yes ichecked my records and it's urgent we speak to Mr. Smith
You: Yes this is Mr.Smith i have no idea what you are talkin about, but what is the matter of your call.
TM: Welll this is the American Re Cross....
You: Oh yeah i uh have AIDS so my bad.
Hang up YOu: oh yeah tthat's how a Reverse Prank Call is done
by Sir Chunx August 03, 2010
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