(V). The act of renting a electric scooter (mostly by millennials) and riding within the set geo fence limits all the whole thinking it’s an exercise of your freedom.
Even though Constance was just reveling through Brooklyn, she imagined she was cruising on Route 66.... on a Harley.
by DEADMEAT September 10, 2019
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this is definitely a word that the mainstream dictionary forgot!


to be uplifted by a new idea/situation

to be in the process of a new idea eg i am revelating

to be speaking of having a revelation in past tense eg i had a revelating day yesterday

i found that the dogging in Doncaster was quite revelating
I had a 'revelating' day..meaning i had day that gave me a whole new perspective on things!!
by sticki nikki June 10, 2010
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1. To celebrate wildly, enthusiastically, extremely happy.

2. To take great pleasure or delight.
3. To make merry
She will revel tonight after he proposes.

Dude is revelling on that trip.
by Dimonyk May 23, 2019
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realizing that you wanna change your life and do what you want and not what other people want you to do and follow your heart
i had a revelation to move to venice beach and live in a car
by Mollizzle my nizzle December 16, 2009
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A moment of insight on a certain matter.
One day, when the emptiness has become unbearable, a revelation will dawn upon him.
- Jack London
by racoon44 May 17, 2014
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Reveling in the fact that there it was always more to learn.
To know that you really don't know anything is true Revelance
by jellybean57 March 6, 2021
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Okay this is actually a word but for some reason the dictionary doesn't have it... It is the present participle of revelate, from the Latin root relevatus, meaning the act of disambiguation.
I just found out i'm actually a taurus moon not a gemini moon!!! This shit is revelating!
by Amsterdam Shag October 25, 2019
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