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One who greatly loves artifacts and aesthetics from the past. Typically associated with hipsters, whose attire often hearken back to past decades, retrophilia often goes hand and hand with a general distaste for modern culture. Common items and traits found on a retrophile are pocket watches, fedoras or top hats, ties, old-fashioned sports jackets, a love for instructional videos from the early 1950s, a preference for music than involves a mixture of psychedelia, folk, baroque, and classical, and pretentiousness.
Man, modern consumerism fuels all sorts of distasteful manifestations in our society. Check out my vintage aviators, antique fedora, and tie-dye shirt. I wish I lived in a mixture of the 1960s and Edwardian England. I'm such a retrophile.
by Agnostics Unite! December 29, 2009
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A particular type of gamer who is sexually motivated by retro gaming, Retrophiles are elitists and believe their opinion is far superior to that of their peers. They will often accumulate empty boxes of retro gaming machines to add to a cluttered mess often referred to as A "Gaming Den" or "Games Room". Retrophiles will often recite how the glory days of gaming are behind us and the only answer is to build up a massive collection of retro games that never get played. They will often attempt to recite values of these games if they were to sell them, but a Retrophile can never part with any of their collection.
James is a massive RETROPHILE, he has all the N64 games still in the original boxes .
by TheCroftinator September 01, 2017
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