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A Softer More colorful version of punk, more popular in Britain and the UK, guys usually have shorter shaggy hair or anything emo-esk, girls have white-blonde, black or any neon color hair thats either in pigtails or any kind of shorter kind of choppy kind of cut. Both guy and girls wear big shinny plastic glasses that often are orange or green and do nothing to protect you from the sun at all and newsboy hats. Girls wear vinyl plastic dresses or capris and light cotton t-shirts. Guys wear stretch pants or tight girls pants sometimes ripped or with many patches, shirts similar to that of girls fashion and long aviator scarfs, retro-punk clothes can usually be found in thrift and reslae boutique stores, or if worst comes to worst urban outfitters is somewhat close. They like vespas, Beatles and mini copper type cars, and anything bubbly and plastic/vinyl. Bands like the Kinks, the Beatles and the who are good authentic retro-punk bands. Bands like The White Stripes, Soledad Brothers, Le Tigre, Franze Furdinand or any other more simplistic band is probably a good bet for more modern retro-punk music.
John: Wow! look at those two people!
Jacky: I know! his scarf and sun glasses are so cool! and look at her matching yellow vinyl dress and hat.
John: They are so Retro-punk!
by Josh T. July 06, 2006
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