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When you eat food that is too hot, so the person is breathing quickly to try and cool down the scalding food that is in their mouth, in which they would look like a retarded dragon.
Yo man, did you see me just now? Those pizza rolls were so hot I looked like I was a retarded dragon.
by JuliusPepperwood May 24, 2015
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The action of a man receiving oral sex from other person or "head" if you will. When said man is about to ejaculate into other persons mouth, the man slams other persons head all the way to the base of said penis.

Once ejaculation has occurred semen will come out other persons nose making and tends to make their eyes cross from extremely odd feeling in their sinuses. This making them look like a retarded dragon with "smoke" coming from their nose.
I gave Amanda the retarded dragon last night.
by Daniel August 15, 2007
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