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Retard Tingles is commonly caused by watching the humiliation and misfortune of others. It creates an over whelming embarrassing feeling that tingles all over the body and causes the face to flentch up much like a retard or one that is disabled.
While watching a contestant fail miserably on American Idol Jarch shouted, "Oh my ga I have retard tingles all over my bod".
by EGJ February 09, 2009
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An action by someone or something that gives an inundating feeling of embarassment.
He's got no game, his pick up lines give me super sonic retard tingles.
by S Buck October 22, 2003
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(pl. n., used with sing. or pl. verb): a spontaneous condition characterized by extreme discomfort & experienced by people in awkward situations; retard tingles occur in embarrassing circumstances including but not limited to: inappropriate laughter at ethnic jokes while person from said ethnic group is present, calling your teacher ‘mom’, walking in on your boss in the bathroom, and scenarios in most Ben Stiller movies.
Ending a phone conversation with ‘I love you’ when you are not talking to your significant other can cause severe retard tingles for the person on the other line.

Mike Myers exhibited symptoms of retard tingles - shifty eyes, nervousness, blushing - when Kanye West said “George Bush hates black people” during a telethon on live TV.

Your fart was so loud that the entire movie theater got the retard tingles!
by Samantha Ivy August 16, 2009
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When you do something weird with you friends, (or an inside joke) and an outsider sees you, and gives you an odd glance.
He just gave me the worst retard tingles.
by retardtingles August 03, 2008
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