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A place in northern virginia )originally called Reston) where all the kids are stoners. THe town, founded in 1962 by colonizing Hippies, was based on the concept of a "Planned COmmunity", where everyone could live in peace and share the growth of the community together. Damn hippies and their pot plants. Look what happened to the children! Now, We all love the essence of being stoned, getting stoned, and the after affects of getting stoned (Munchies).
But we tend to stay away form the paranoid smokers...they are not welcome. Enjoy your stay here in "Restonia".

Blissfully stoned,
Christopher Carbone (C-Bone)
"Restonia Crew in the house."
"I'm in Fairfax right now, I'm headed to Restonia. I'll give you a call when I get there."
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