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A sweet and beautiful lady who always knows what she is doing. She may seem crazy at first glance, but can be REALLY helpful at times when needed. As she gets older, she becomes wiser. She has lived an interesting childhood, but stays strong as time passes and the new generation comes.
Ex: "She is so is such a Repunzel."
Found out through the series, "The Ever Afters". (Not Ever After High), by: Shelby Bach
by Kimcub110 December 13, 2016
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Repunzel is this bitch with real long hair, and so this ho locked her away in some really high tower somewhere. So then, right, some fella came along and heard her singing, so he was like "Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair, so i can climb the golden stair" and then she was like aright so then she let down her hair and he climbed up to save her. She was so thrilled she said "hey, you wanna do ass to mouth?" and he was like "bitch, you wastin my minutes."
Repunzel looked innocent, but little did the prince know she was actually one dirty bitch.
by ItsAadam March 01, 2009
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