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A political philosophy that a Republican can do no wrong even while doing terrible wrongs.

A Republican who espouses that he stands for Family Values while having an adulterous affair; who advocates he is godly as a Judeo-Christian while claiming no other religion should be considered of any, let alone, equal value under law; who believes in Fiscal Responsibility while spending like a drunken sailor; who espouses support for the Constitution while ignoring personal and privacy rights guaranteed therein; who says we should not be the world policeman while advocating preemptive war; who concludes America stands for liberty and freedom except for every other American that he disagrees with and their liberties and freedoms; and who claims to have personal intelligence while conversing with others as if he were an absolute idiot.
My Republinut friends do not let common sense or reason get in the way of their foolish arguments.
by benighse July 01, 2009
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