An especially racist Republican; one who makes Hitler look like Gandhi.
That bloated sack of human waste Rush Limbaugh is one hell of a nasty Republinazi.
by Blurshape March 22, 2006
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Any and all Republicans. The "Grand Old Party" used to be patriotic and when not in office was "the loyal opposition."

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican! Them was the days, my friend. Now the party is "The Party of NO", the party of being against any immigrants (even though, except for Native Americans, we are ALL immigrants and children of immigrants). They are the party of anti-gay, anti-black, anti-semites, anti-choice, anti-health care. They are the party of damned lies about "death panel" and the party which nominated Sarah "Know Nothing" Palin.

Check out their policies and then check out the policies of the Nazi Party in Germany in the thirties. 95% agreement there. And watch them toss out any of their own members who are centrist. They become more and more rightwing every day.
Hey, Hermann, der ist der Republinazi, Rush Limbaugh. Vot a gute vrend he vould haff made of der Fuehrer!

My goodness, Bruce, that Republinazi is trying to annul our gay marriage, damn him.
by Flesticle December 1, 2009
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