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A person, or persons, who belong to the Republican party, and or the conservative right, whose beliefs surrounding what is right or wrong in any given situation are solely dependent upon who is committing what acts, and what ideological group they belong to.
For instance, if a Democrat has an affair they should be impeached, whereas if a Republican has affairs with persons of their own or differing sex it is simply dismissed. Or in the case of Barrack Obama taking down Bin Laden and Qaddafi , the Right responded by saying " We will have to wait to see if this turns out to be a good thing " whereas if one of their own President's had accomplished the same feat they would have thrown ticker-tape parades in every major city.
Republicrites are the type of people that by day would stand in Congress and rail against " Those Horrible Gay's" and " Drug taking scum" and by night get caught having homosexual affairs while taking crystal Meth.
by llittlemeyer October 28, 2011
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Combination of "Republican" and "Hypocrite". A person, or politician who identifies themselves as a member of the Republican party and cries foul when the new (Democratic) administration does things that they (the Republicans) did with impunity when they were in power.
Republicrites in power: "We will shut down debate and have an up-or-down vote. The filibuster is Unconstitutional for Judicial nominations."

Republicrite's response to a Democratic Judicial nominee (Democratic administration): "There's no way we will allow his/her confirmation! We will take our God-Given right to filibuster to the Gates of Hell if necessary!"
by dodge ram June 07, 2009
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Combination of Republican & Hypocrite. Should only be used by those who already understand why it was created.
I can't BELIEVE the Republicrites are STILL getting people to vote AGAINST THEMSELVES!
by Seldon Surak July 23, 2016
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