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The type of Christianity practiced by right wing Republicans.

Those who practice this form of Christianity believe that,
A. God speaks to the leaders of the party, and George W. Bush in particular.
B. Bush was personally annointed by God and God himself gave him his marching orders.
C. True and patriotic Americans believe in Republican Christianity.
D. Those who don't believe in this form of Christianity are liberals, communists, terrorist sympathizers, traitors, and idiots.
E. That Christ commands people to only vote Republican.
F. Those who are not Christian should be invaded, especially to settle the Presiden't family scores and if they are sitting on lots of oil.
G. These people believe that it's only wrongdoing when committed by a Democrat.
H. Those involved with this sort of religion focus on the portions of morality while entirely ignoring parts about taking care of poor and vulnerable people.
George W. Bush ignores what Jesus said about taking care of the "least of my brothers." He ignores the command to love neighbor as self. He ignores the command to take care of the poor and vulnerable of this world. He fails to realize that to lead us he must be our servants, instead he thinks that we must be his servants.
by jesster79 March 16, 2005
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An extreme right-wing view held by a very, very small percentage of the population. Not everyone who votes Republican fits the above description. Nowhere in the Bible is democracy even mentioned, let alone Jesus commanding people to vote one way or another. George Bush is not in direct communication with God. How can some people be so ignorant and rant such silly and thoughtless self-righteous garbage, while insinuating they are more intelligent than 53% of the country (who are creationists)?
If you sincerely believe Republican Christianity are plotting to take over the world or revoke the Constitution or some non-sense, douse yourself in kerosene and torch your body on a street corner in order to get your message to the masses. They might care for a second.
by TheLastNormalPerson October 15, 2007
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