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A psuedo-language developed by one of Denmark's leading linguists. Rennerish is loosely-based upon various latin-derived, european languages, such as English, Danish, Swedish and possibly some French, but all forementioned nations deny any similarity. After a word or sentence is constructed using the basic precepts of Rennerish, a second method is applied, using the Renner Algorithm, which simply defined, uses insanity as it's processing matrix. The end result is disturbing and should be read by anyone with.. eyes.
The sentence:-

"I would like plus tewnty attack power on my weapon"

Would roughly translate to, in Rennerish:-

"Germany gained the knowledge of the potency enchant, the American president made a stop at Gambia and hence got convinced that all colonial possessions had to be given independence, and France still didnt have a freaking clue, and neither did Britain… Though commanding the largest stockpile of conscripts in the world, they never quite comprehended the importance of the potency enchant, and hence, they were doomed to bleed to death over petty scraps of French soil and crabby parts of eastern Europe that ended up with Russia anyway… So much potential, all lost, over an enchant! So please, some prime enchanter…. "
by Stormseeker March 26, 2007
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