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She is strong in her convictions and sometimes won’t back down. Family is number and she cares more about her loved ones then she does herself. She loves the outdoors and has the spirit of a wild mustang that wants to run. A devoted wife to the end. She never sings her own praises but others always do. She won’t likely ask for help but sometimes needs it. She is a devoted friend and will do almost anything for her true friends. Her beauty, inside and out, will leave you breathless.
Omg renita is the best friend ever.

Renita is so beautiful .
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a girl with 5 guys in every direction! knowing you can count on her for homework and a frined. But dont get on her bad side, shell wupp some bootie!
OMG its renita
OMG shes so cool!
i wish i could be like Renita
by Hildy February 24, 2005
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