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Renesmay is exciting and able to always make you smile. She is usually a spunky and creative gal, and always is bouncy. Though usually not having a great backstory, she's usually a nice girl. She puts herself down constantly, and feels everyone is better than her. But when you meet her, you know it's the opposite. She's got a huge smile, and big fluffy hair. Her eyes are a gorgeous and captivating color. When excited, she bounces up and down and talks quickly and usually in a gibberish-like way. She's picky in her own way, but at the same time, eats some of the weirdest things. She is supportive of anyone as long as they're not assholes to her. She loves her friends more than anyone. She is unathletic, but tries anyway. Lots of people love Rene but she never notices, and typically friendzones them.
Wow! Rene is so nice!

I love her so much!

Person 1: Rene, would you like to join me for some Stranger Things?
Renesmay: Sure!
by HowHomosexualOfYou June 05, 2018
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