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An all black, ghost-like figure that appears in the building game Blockland. Renderman got his start as nothing more than a floating ˚Д˚ face implemented around halloween 2011, the face itself would only appear on dark maps, and would only appear for a brief second before vanishing. However, that brief glimpse of a floating, disembodied head kicked the imagination of some players into overdrive, these players gave the floating face the name "Renderman".

The legacy of Renderman was taken to the next level when a user named chrisbot6 created the Renderman mod, a mod which made renderman more than just a disembodied face. The mod made renderman similar to, but not the same as, slender man due to the fact that renderman would eventually hunt down the player, while a wide variety of frightening sounds would play, from creaks and groans to loud demonic banging. At first, the players had no way of knowing when renderman would strike, however this was remedied in later versions of the mod when the Renderman detector was added. The mod saw further additions, such as the Glitch gun and special bricks, all of which would allow players to defend themselves, and postpone the inevitable, but no matter what players tried, renderman would all get them in the end.

However, some users believe renderman to be more than just a piece of coding from a mod, some players claim to have seem him outside of the mod, in places where he shouldn't be...
Player 1 (believer): Renderman is real, i saw him!

Player 2 (skeptic): No he isn't, you just have an over-active imagination.
by Torak11 August 02, 2013
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