Always remember that the Relaxions stand before the Passions..
by CoaltownBrown December 23, 2022
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Persone 1: So what did your girlfriend say to you going to the club?

Person 2: Oh, she just had a relaxion.

Person 1: Whew! Ok good!
by Valerie Catherine August 20, 2007
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relaxion action: a "doing" or activity that involves muscles and or heating up, panting and an euphoric (relaxation) aftermath. Seemingly this should be "action relaxion" since the "relaxion" follows the "action" but it is socially accepted as "relaxion action". But it is widely understood, as it almost goes without saying as "doing" something sporty and/or heart rate increasing for that specific euphoric aftermath (aftermath in this context is seen as a good thing but could better be replaced by or "after feelings") and or after feelings, where the body (or in some regions of the body) releases all kinds of funny and life enhancing "things". Plus (assuming practised "safely") it keeps you healthy.
"have you seen my trainers? i need some relaxion action!"

"are you high? No, relaxion action."

"always practise safe warming up and cooling down, it will give you better relaxion action."
by good attention July 1, 2013
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