A relationship break is some times what couples need whether it’s to sort out problems and differences and spend time apart or because the relationship is becoming too much or a lot or stressful for both people in the relationship. Being on a relationship break or a break for short doesn’t mean it’s a break up it means that your spending them apart for your own reasons in hope to benefit the relationship and cause less stress and you must still be as loyal as you were when you weren’t on the break.
I think we should go on a relationship break because we’ve been arguing a lot and need to spend some time apart so we can come back even stronger.
by Thepig04 July 14, 2018
Relationship Break: When the Male in a relationship wants to leave the female for good but he just says break so she don't feel bad.
"baby let's take a relationship break , I promise we'll get back right"
by GaayBiird12 November 18, 2015