a cool name. that when you are asked to spell it. and you spell it. then you have to spell it 8 more times. but its cool. because you can just be lke..
Reitz. Like the Bill of Reitz(rights)
by AmazingPenguin August 15, 2011
A girl who farts a lot and does so without informing others, she is not one to blame other people but you can tell it is a true Morgan Reitz by the stench of her juicy, disgusting gas
Person #1 "Ughhh, who ripped one?"
Person #2 "I think it was that girl that just walked by us"
Person #1 "Yeah I would believe that, she seems like a real Morgan Reitz"
by UncleRonnie69 July 17, 2019
(v.) - Making appearances at your alma mater far too frequently, well past your graduation date. These appearances are usually inappropriate and unwelcome.
I was trying to party at TI last night but the sight of Benny Reitzing for the third time this month made me sick.
by MidDay October 27, 2008