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One of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet. Reisha can be shy and quiet at first, but once you get to know her she is really nice. She`s smart and funny and very innocent. She was always a little princess growing up and wants to stay that way. She doesn`t get dirty jokes, or doesn`t find them funny. She will help you with your homework, and anyother problems you have. An over all awesome person
Ali: That girl who sits in front of me in math class is really nice and smart!
Zac: I think her names reisha
by DramaLlama2014 June 18, 2011
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Reisha is a ship name used for the ultimate couple. R... & D.....
Cameron- OMG! Did you see Reisha walking down the hall today.
Yoela- I know right they were so cute.
Simran- ugh they're making me feel so single.
Cam- They make everyday seem like valentines day
by Ron I September 24, 2019
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