Reinholds are generally identified by their headstrong nature. However, this instils great determination and creativity, making them excellent leaders. Courage reflects from their readiness for action. They can be adventurous due to their desire for excitement. Their confidence makes people follow while they lead. Reinholds fight for anything which they believe to be important. Usually intrepid by nature, they remain committed to facing their fears and defeating them. Difficulties may creep in due to impulsive actions. However, their maturity often persuades them to slow down their decisions to take time to think about the consequences of their actions.
"I'm voting for Reinhold, how about you?

"Definitely, he is far more energetic and and creative!"
by Playah Hatah February 05, 2010
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Having the ability to destroy any film by simply being in its cast (named after Judge Reinhold, who is the first known example of this phenomenon. based originally on "The Midas Touch", a story about a king who could turn anything to gold by touching it)
"Danny DeVito and Bette Midler would have been good in 'Ruthless People', but that movie got hit by The Reinhold Touch"

"Chris Tucker definitely has The Reinhold Touch; even Anthony Hopkins and Roman Polansky couldn't make Rush Hour 2 worth seeing; he screwed up Fifth Element with Gary Oldman and Bruce Willis; and Quentin Tarantino couldn't make 'Jackie Brown' work."
by Aaron Sylvan December 14, 2007
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