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A loser which is short and wants to be good at basketball but really sucks. He also likes a game called Fortnite he is ok at that game. He also doesn’t have many friends for reasons.
Reiden really is bad at basketball and why is he playing by himself he has no friends
by Super YEET man YEET boi February 04, 2019
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Every school's golden boy. Literally the hottest, coolest guy at school but doesn't know it. Every guy wants to be friends with him and every girl wants to be more than friends than him. He's usually athletic, funny, and super dreamy. If you have the luck of dating a Reiden don't let him go, he's a one of a kind.
Girl: Who's that guy

Girl's Boyfriend: That's my homie Reiden

Girl: I think we should break up

Girl's Ex Boyfriend: Reiden stole my girl again
by 5lYHpJ June 28, 2018
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