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A word that conjugates the very meaning of being friends with a group of people. The word has many uses and can be used in almost any situation. A close friend of yours, is a regula, and something that you usually do, for example raising it, is regula. Something that is uncool, unsound, or unsettling in any way, like terrible music, or a fat woman is not regula. Can also be accompanied by yont or ons. Yonts and ons are suffixes on words that are regula, or even your own name. May also be accompanied by 347, three fourty seven, prolly not, and 0, ZERO.
Trey Daddy: Hey Goodmon what up dag?
Goodmon: Ya know regula, raising it.
Trey Daddy: Well can I come oveyont?
Goodmon: Regula.
Trey Daddy: Uh prolly not.
Goodmon: I mean prolly 347.
Trey Daddy: 347? Prolly Zero.
Goodmon: Regula.
by Goodmon November 02, 2007
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